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Please note: I frequently get requests for reciprocating links to other sites, and must confess that I often don't respond if the site does not offer content which I feel is related to the scope of this site (i.e, art historical sites that offer a new perspective, or artist's sites who have an original vision). That said, you are welcome to ask (unless you are a gambling casino or sell reproductions made in China).

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Contemporary Artists

Friends Sites and Artists of Imagination

Andrew Gonzalez

"Galerie Sublimatrix" features the transfigurative and esoteric work of Andrew Gonzalez. A San Antonio artist, Andrew says that ideas that stoke his imagination include his research into comparative religion and mythology. "The organic imagery of the work reflects the prima-materia transformed into the biosophic fire of the sensualized spirit. "

Antonio Roybal

Visionary artist, Antonio Roybal states that he "searches for universal symbols that vibrate at unconscious and conscious levels, then using their significance to reach the soul and thereby facilitate universal understanding". He seeks a world beyond normal perceptions, a window into the past, present and future. Very nice site and graphics.

Suzy Olsen

Suzy's abstract monoprints often derive from her experiences of meditations on the physical energies within the body. Her gallery also represents her more realist-inspired watercolors. A very special bonus are some pages devoted to her renovation of an ancient villa in Tuscany, where she invites friends and artists to retreat with her.

Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage

Working with Ernst and Michael Fuchs in Vienna, Amanda has learned much of the traditions of the Renaissance "mische" technique directly from the visionary masters. Her own work spans traditional still-life and portraiture to the surreal and even expressionistic. Her website utilizes flash content.

Monica Kovac

Monica is an artist living in Quebec. Her "inner landscapes" are full of mystery and rich fantasy visions.

Leslie Anderson  

Another excellent site, Leslie Anderson creates lyrical narratives using the medium of egg tempera.  A small gallery of recent works, it also includes a page which illustrates her artistic process.

Lori Field

Lori Field creates incredible mixed media paintings, utilizing colored pencil, encaustic, rice paper and thread. A favorite!

Kelly Borsheim

Kelly Borsheim

Kelly is a long-time friend who is a sculptor and painter. Her site features info on how she creates her stone sculptures and realistic figurative drawings and paintings.


Ilka's Attic

a.k.a. Susan Tuttle... a self-taught, mixed media artist who resides in Maine. She works in collage, assemblage, altered art, and abstract intuitive painting.

Karl Franklin

Karl Franklin is the originator of the Surrealist WebRing and a self-taught artist who calls his work "Social Realism". In addition to several galleries of his own works, his site includes a featured guest artist, surreal writings, and art links.

Healing Arts

This is a terrific site about how art has the power to heal the psyche. It includes articles about healing the self through art, the history of the idea, and artists who choose to focus on this aspect of art. See the links page!

Art Visionary Magazine

Art Visionary is a magazine focusing on surreal and fantasy-based art. They have many links to some incredible artists.

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Outsider Art/Folk Art:

This is the site for Edward James' incredible surrealist architecture, built in a remote mountain village in central Mexico. Excellent photos, essays on its eccentric creator, and information about staying at Posada El Castillo, which is just as marvelous.

Raw Vision   This is my favorite online arts magazine.  Preview articles on Outsider art in "Back Issues".

Raw Art Links A terrific site for exploring a multitude of individual "outsider artists"

Yard-dog Features the work of folk, outsider, and visionary artists of the American South. "These self-taught artists live in big cities, small towns, and on farms. They include anglos, african americans, and native americans. All share in common a vitality and a passion that is rendered tangible in the arts"

David Leonard's Gallery High quality, mainstream contemporary folk art gallery features several "outsider" artists.

Art Crimes:The Writing on the Wall Graffiti art indexed by country, state, city

Interesting Ideas Links to roadside art, outsider pages, and "interesting ideas". A little quirky. Of special interest, E.T. Wickham 's remarkable statues and memorials line a back road near Palmyra, south of Clarksville, Tennessee. They have been pulverized by vandals in the decades since he built them in the '50s, but their beauty is undiminished. If anything, ruin has added its own kind of eloquence. Also see their extensive links page to outsider artists.

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Photography and Collage Sites:

Jerry Uelsmann (a favorite)

The incredibly surrealistic photography of well known artist, Jerry Uelsmann. Also try its affiliated site,
Zonezero, which features several other international photographers.

Misha Gordin Another of my favorites within the ring...the conceptual photography of Misha Gordin. Excellent, eerie, slightly dark-natured.

Teesha Moore

Teesha Moore Journal pages of an incredible (and prolific) collage artist... very inspiring

Sharin Kambiz: Photomontage  This is one of my favorite sites by a single contemporary artist, Sharin Kambiz, who creates extraordinary collages, interactive images, and short videos.  You can also download e-cards and a very cool desktop saver with a floating baby. The site requires the Flash plug-in, but is worth downloading if you don't have it. Click images to navigate through the site.

Griffin and Sabine This is the official site for Nick Bantock's famous series of Griffin and Sabine books, which combined collage artworks and an imaginary correspondence between soul-mates.

Joseph Cornell Small thumbnails link to large scans of the incredible surreal assemblages of of this American master of the medium.

Cut and Paste This is a very informative site on the history of photomontage. It includes sections on the its use during the Victorian erea, the 1920s, the 1980's, and recent times. Very well designed site.


Claudine Helmuth Selected artworks from this collage artist's extensive portfolio

Joe DiMaggio Some very interesting computer generated collages by a California collage artist with a famous name

Ann Baldwin Ann Baldwin's mixed media art gallery and online classroom for collage artists, art students, and lovers of painting. Collages by Robert Magginetti and other artists from around the world.


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Fractals, Consciousness Raising, and Other Fun Stuff:

Sekino's Fractal Gallery. A site of fractels developed with Mandelbrot set.


do-not-zzz A short animation based on Zen meditation. Way cool.

Poem-a-Day Jae Malone updates her site frequently with new personal poems. She borrows graphics from artists she finds on the web and has an extensive links page to artist's she's used in the past (yep, I'm one of 'em!)

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General Artists Galleries and Indexes:

Art Net: Buy and sell modern and contemporary art, fine prints and photographs. Each seller is registered and authorized by artnet, and every auctioned art work is evaluated by a team of artnet Online Auctions specialists.

World Wide Web Resources: Search over 200,000 works by over 22,000 artists by medium, subject matter, price and theme.

Art in Context: Provides public access to information concerning artists around the world. Member Metropolitan New York Library Council, Association of College and Research Libraries, ALA.

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Artist Resources, Online Magazines, and Art Supplies:

Art Daily  Daily news features in the arts: museum and gallery news, artist features.  Also job opportunities and chat.

Juxtapoz   An online art magazine... haven't thoroughly researched it yet, but looks like some interesting articles.

Raw Vision   This is my favorite online arts magazine.  Preview articles on Outsider art in "Back Issues".

Art Visionary Magazine focuses on surreal and fantasy-based art. They have many links to some incredible artists. A very comprehensive list of links to national art organizations. Includes: ArtFBI, College Art Association, National Endowment for the Arts, Texas Commission for the Arts, and more.


Online Art Supplies:

The following suppliers have most of what any painter will need. Also include drawing, graphics and other supplies:



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Art Instruction:

Oil Painting: Lessons and Demos's links to some good sites on painting demos. May be useful, especially for the unitiated artist..

The Creative Journal Method, by Lucia Capacchione Ph.D.  The site outlines and illustrates the artist-psychologist's book, which focuses on journal-writing and drawing as a personal growth and creativity tool.

Artist Biographies  Artist and teacher P. Roger Elliot includes art and biographies of Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Goya, Matisse, Gauguin, Seurat, Constable, Van Gogh, and Renoir.  Also includes instruction on creating acrylic paintings.

The Enchanted Mind Creativity exercises: Puzzles, techniques, inspiration, science and humor.


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Art History Links:

General Indexes / Archives

The Artchive

An excellent archive of famous historic and modern artists. This is the best and most extensive site I have found for high quality scans.  Includes an easy to use search index.

(Carol Gerten's Fine Art) is an extensive artist index where you can search hundreds of artists from many countries and time periods. Well organized and easy to use. Thumbnails allow you to have an idea what the image looks like before you wait for the larger image to download.

WebMuseum  Focuses on paintings created between the Gothic to Modern periods.  Some essays accompany the images.

Wendy's Women Artists in History  This is a great site to research practically any female artist.  Large alphabetical index.


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Prehistoric and Ancient Art

Lascaux: Images and essay on the famous Lascaux cave paintings from the book, The Alpha and the Omega, by Jim A. Cornwell.

Willendorf Goddess: Essay and photography about the Venus of Willendorf and the evolution of the concept of the earth goddess.

Mysterious Places: Stonehenge Discover Stonehenge and other "Mysterious Places".

National Geographic's Egypt An excellent site which includes the original articles published when Tut's tomb was discovered, film clips from the IMax movie, and other cool Egyptian links.

PBS Nova Online: Explore the Pyramids This site gives extensive information about the pyramids and Old Kingdom rulers. Excellent pictures and layout.

MESOWEB: An exploration of Mesoamerican cultures

The Olmec World History and art of the Olmec Civilization, rituals and rulership.

Tulane Univ's Teotihuacan: Teotihuacan Pyramids and Art

G.B. Online's MesoAmerica Mayan archaeology, essays and links.

Mysterious Places:Chichen_Itza Chichen Itza pyramids, monuments, and history.

Perseus Digital Library: An extensive archive of over 30,000 images of Greek art and architecture. Includes search engine and extensive collection of articles.

Roman Gods Everything you've ever wanted to know about Roman gods and goddesses


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Medieval Art

Medieval Links - catalogued by artists, civilization, period, clip art, manuscript illumination, paintings, sculptures and tapestries.


Renaissance Art

Giotto's Frescos - nice images of Giotto paintings within the Arena Chapel in Padua.

Northern Renaissance Art Web - A good collection of links for exploring the Renaissance of the North, indexed by artists' names.

Michelangelo Buonarroti:  The art, life, and thoughts of the great Michelangelo. Spans his whole creative career.

Discovery and Reformation  More of a history site than an art site, it gives some interesting thoughts on the Reformation of the Catholic Church and the influence of Northern Europe on the Renaissance.


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Baroque Art

CGFA's Caravaggio - Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio images and Bio (Carol Gerton's Fine Art)

WebMuseum's Caravaggio - short bio, thumbnails link to larger images.

WebMuseum's Rembrandt - short bio and images of the famous Dutch Baroque painter's works

CGFA's Rembrandt - images and Biography (Carol Gerton's Fine Art)

Mark Harden on Vermeer Images and written review by Mark Harden (from the Artchive)

CGFA'S Vermeer - images and Bio (Carol Gerton Fine Art)

WebMuseum's Vermeer - more on the Dutch Baroque painter

CGFA'S Velazquez - Diego Velazquez images and Bio (Carol Gerton Fine Art)

WebMuseum's Velazquez - more on the Spanish Baroque painter


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19th Century:

The Artchive's Goya - click image to enter virtual gallery of the Goya's (Spanish Romantic artist) "Black Paintings"

Web Museum's Henri Rousseau - Pre-Surreal art of Henri Rousseau (images and short essay)

WebMuseum: Impressionism - Short essay on the Impressionist movement, and links to the works of Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Sisley, Morisot, Degas, and Manet

WebMuseum's Redon - Symbolist artworks of French artist Odilon Redon

Galerie Degas - an extensive collection of paintings, pastels, and graphics by this productive Impressionist.

WebMuseum's Munch - Images and short bio on Edvard Munch, the Norwegian expressionist.

Vincent Van Gogh Gallery - "The most thorough and comprehensive Van Gogh resource on the World Wide Web". Use "search" to explore more than 3,040 pages and 2,790 graphics (Paintings, Sketches, Watercolours, Letters, and artworks inspired by van Gogh)


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20th Century: - An excellent site which allows you to search by name of 20th century artists or by movement

WebMuseum: 20th Century Painting - Short essays and images (Fauvism, Matisse, Expressionism, Artistic Emigres, Picasso and Cubism, The Age of Machinery, Towards Abstraction, Paul Klee, Pure Abstraction, Art of the Fantastic, Pre-War American Painting, Abstract Expressionism, and Pop Art)

Klimt Museum - Gustave Klimt (1862-1918): biography, images, screen-savers. You can even listen to his favorite music!

Georgia O'Keefe - Images and essays on the most famous woman artist of the century (Early Years, O'Keefe and Stieglitz, "The Far Away")

Diego Rivera - Biography, gallery and links about the great Mexican muralist.

Frida Kahlo - Biography, essays, effect on contemporary arts and thought. Even includes a flash movie about her.

African-Americans in the Visual Arts - includes biographical information about the artists, images only through links to other sites

20th Century Architecture - A digital archive of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, LeCorbusier, I.M. Pei and more. - Guerrilla Girls is a group of feminist activists/artists who fight for representation of women in the arts

Judy Chicago: Through the Flower -Images and info about her feminist works:Womanhouse, The Dinner Party, Birth Project, Powerplay, and The Holocaust Project.

Jenny Holtzer - Word Art displayed in public spaces, using media from lcd displays to posters and stickers (applied to such urban elements as telephone booths or parking meters)... "the texts function as comments on that environment they fit into, stimulating awareness of our social conditioning as conveyed by the very landscape in which we may be confronted by them".

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Surrealism (1920s-40s):


Rene Magritte
Links to possibly hundreds of images by the great master of surrealism.

Artcyclopedia on Magritte
more on Magritte and links to his works.

Salvador Dali Museum -includes works from early, traditional, surrealist and classical periods of the artist. Also articles on surrealist games, new exhibitions, etc.

The History of Surrealism - Essays and links.

Female Surrealist Artists. Information about Eilein Agar, Leonara Carrington, Leonor Fini, Frida Kahlo, Dora Maar, Meret Oppenheim, Kay Sage, Dorothea Tanning, Remedios Varo, and others.

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